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Why not use energy-saving lamps but with LED solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2021-03-21
Why not use energy-saving lamps but with LED solar street lamps? Is not hard to find, now almost all of the solar street lights are using the LED as light source, rather than use energy-saving lamps and other light source, is this why? In fact, if there is no LED, solar street light does not development for a long time, just because of the collocation of LED and solar energy makes solar street lights will be able to get the great long-term growth. In LED the price high and not yet common days, it was found that the use of solar street lights and no obvious advantage, and the cost is very high, because to meet needs of brightness, must increase the configuration on the solar system, so as to make the whole price over budget many solar street lamps, but some places there is no grid, and had to use the solar energy street light, in this way, except in rare use solar street lamps, and cannot be gained popularity, then energy-saving lamps to replace the traditional light source, due to the effect of energy saving of the energy-saving lamp, make solar street lamps and got further development, however, is far from enough. Know the LED and popularization, solar street light to get long-term development in the true sense, LED light source of photosynthetic efficiency is 2 times more than ordinary high pressure sodium lamp and energy-saving lamp, so to achieve the specified brightness, need only half of the solar system, in this way, saved almost half the cost of solar street lamps, and also received a significant boost in the service life. Nowadays, all over the country, most of the regions in the world, especially the sunshine condition is very good and there is no power grid in Africa, the advantages of solar street lamps have to suffering any lighting products quickly replaced the other. With the development of science and technology, improving the efficiency of solar panels, LED technology progress, and update and optimization of battery products, believe that in the next few years, the performance of solar street light will get bigger, the cost of solar street light will be greatly improved, and on the basis of the original advantage, more suffering!
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