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Why is uneven solar street lamps on the market price?

by:SRS     2020-07-24

Street lamp has no fixed solar street lamp manufacturer customer cooperation, are looking for good quality goods cheaper manufacturer cooperation, but the quality and price is proportional to the, why the same appearance and the same power of lamps and lanterns, different manufacturers price gap is very big, first of all, from the composition of lamps and lanterns.The LED lamps and lanterns: light shell, chip, aluminum plate, constant current source, work The same lamp shell, made by different materials, different manufacturer is some ACTS have the appearance, thickness can't guarantee quality, use a year, with poor light failure is very big! Chip, this is also the main gap, the same power with different chips, effect is certainly different, commonly used is cory, puri, crystal source, but it is hard to tell! Aluminum plate different manufacturers have different prices, the price decide the quality! Constant-current source brand is different, the price is different also, the quality is more different, constant current source of influence the stability of lamps and lanterns!The last is to work and there's no need to elaborate. So it's very important to choose the right manufacturer, why still more expensive than a small production mass production? In this reason.Covet is cheap at that time the cheap and lost customer bad reputation which loss is bigger? 
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