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Why is solar street lamps LED light source?

by:SRS     2021-02-03
Why is solar street lamps LED light source? Solar street light is more popular in recent years a road lighting device, on the principle with ordinary solar street lamp is similar, but the energy used is from the sun, don't need electricity, in addition to using solar panels, solar street lamps and a feature is to use the LED as light source, almost all of the solar solar street light are using LED as light source, is this why? 1, LED LED high luminous efficiency, high luminous efficiency, the efficiency can reach 100 lm/W - 200 lm/W, is all of the light source, high efficiency can bring solar street lamps limited power larger lighting effect, make way more bright. 2, LED LED small dissipation efficiency high, the corresponding is the low loss, any light source in the process of light, can produce a certain quantity of heat, and the heat generated by the LED is small, heat loss would be smaller. 3 solar solar street light, LED conforms to the voltage of the system voltage is 12 v or 24 v, LED the working voltage and dc voltage, is commonly 3 v, through the way of series-parallel, voltage control can be in the required voltage range, is very convenient.
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