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Why in the dark, the road of street lamp is lit up slowly?

by:SRS     2021-02-05
Why in the dark, the road of solar street lamp is lit up slowly? We have found that it is dark, the roadside solar street light is not light up at once, but see a little light, and then slowly lit up, you know why? In fact, the reason is very simple, there are two factors, one factor is the cause of the light source itself, another aspect is the cause of the vision. 1, before the cause of the light source for street lamps, light source is used by high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp, or xenon headlights, high pressure sodium lamp and xenon headlamps have a common characteristic, is to have more than ten minutes to start the process, in the boot process with the rising of the temperature, flux in increasing step by step, finally to regional stability. In the process, we could see the lights of a process of from dark to bright. 2, the reason of visual because street lamps at the time of day not completely black, has been lit, this time, the sky is light, this time, we can see the lamp light is concealed by the natural light of the sky, so I don't feel light, as it slowly turning black, we will feel the lights light up slowly. In the modern, the emergence of leds, gradually replaced the previous high pressure sodium lamp, LED is no longer as high pressure sodium lamp needs a start-up process for more than ten minutes, so you don't feel like before there is a significant process from dark to bright.
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