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Why don't you suggested that the city use solar street light

by:SRS     2021-04-10
Why not suggest cities use a lot of people will find solar street lamps, rural places very much solar street lamps, including suburbs, too, but in the heart of the city of solar street light is less, is this why? Actually, our general recommendation is the country to use solar energy street light, the city is not recommended to use solar energy street light, the reasons are as follows 1, rural power grid reasons to use and not use mains street lamp, solar street lamps, in many cases because of the underdeveloped rural power grid, many roads are no grid access, if you want to install street lamp, from a very far place also need to set up telephone poles, laying cable, for the street lamp installation of doing so would increase the cost of several times or even dozens of times, so, in many rural areas, install solar street light is not second choice. But in the cities, on the contrary, the installation more profitable mains road lights. 2, the cost to install a lamp posts in the city than to install solar street lamps to cheap, ready to be connected to the electricity grid on urban road, street lamps can light, electricity and the cost of installing a solar street light are relatively high, so the city is generally choose to install ordinary mains street lamp. 3 more sufficient sunlight, sunlight, factors, rural areas, so the installation of solar street light is more appropriate, and the city, because there are tall buildings and there are many reasons for the green belts on the path of solar panels do not normally exposed to sunlight, so the city sun exposure rate not enough solar street lamps, solar street light don't energy-saving effect. 4 so-called interference factors, interference factors, refers to the closing and opening of the solar street lamps, are needed by intensity of illumination, the city at night, the lights of the high-rise building is bright, if light on the solar panels, solar panels can have a trace of voltage, solar street light could not judge is day or night, so can't light on time, so in a lot of high-rise buildings in urban areas, solar street light at night can't normal light is frequent. 5, luminance brightness refers to the solar street lamp luminous power is general not big, because the solar street light is a closed system, each tile increase brightness, solar panels to add 4 - 5, to increase the battery 4 - 5 ah, the cost of support system will expand accordingly, so in order to save costs, the brightness of the solar street light are generally installed minimum lighting requirements to design, the illumination is basic in the country will be enough, but in the cities, people activity, frequent activity, the brightness is too small, can't meet the demand of normal activities.
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