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Why does it feel not enough solar street lamps light?

by:SRS     2021-03-20
Why does it feel not enough solar street lamps light? Solar street light is the most main rural road lighting lighting, in rural areas, most are solar lighting lamps, though the solar street light has brought the rural traffic is convenient, but also has its own disadvantages, solar street lamps one of the main point is the countryside the sense that gives a person is not enough light, solar street lamps what reason is this? 1, power is not power is not the common solar street lamps, because solar street light is a separate closed energy conversion system, source of energy is the sun, and the efficiency of solar panels is limited, the price is expensive, so usually solar street lamps in order to save costs, will not choose too bright solar street lamp, 2 many solar street light, smooth color slants yellow color of the light is yellow light, or slant yellow, the aim is to increase the penetrating light, yellow light has the very good penetration ability of the fog, can well guarantee in fog weather, can see the distance of pedestrians and vehicles. Because solar street lamps add to the cost of the wattage is far greater than ordinary street lamp, ordinary street light as long as the light source of lamps and lanterns of a big increase in power, but different solar street lamps, solar street lamp, as well as increase the light wattage panels, also want to increase the size of the storage battery, and the price of solar panels and batteries is very expensive, so, at the time of use, solar street lamps are relatively small. Although rural mains street lamp, solar street lamp brightness is less than the city, however, is enough to light up the road, for the rural people's night travel provide security guarantee.
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