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Why do you say in the future, solar street lights will replace the traditional street lamp?

by:SRS     2021-04-05
Why do you say in the future, solar street light will replace the traditional street lamp? Though the solar street light in all of the road lighting and the proportion of less than half, but the development of the solar street light speed is very fast, proportion is also increasing, especially rural road lighting, solar street light but also have the effect of cannot be replaced, but because of the solar street light also because of the limitation of their own, so it is difficult to spread in urban areas, if its limits can be solved, solar street lamps will be able to mention the traditional street lamps, which occupy a larger street market. 1, the power problem is a closed system, solar street lamps by solar panels, power generation and storage, battery power is limited, so in general, power is only a fraction of a street lamp, solar street lamps if you can improve the bottleneck of solar panels and batteries, solar street light power will head into a new stage, so that the solar street lamps can more widely spread. 2, the efficiency problem the efficiency of the solar street lamps mainly on solar panels, the current efficiency of the solar panels only fifteen percent to seventeen percent, efficiency is relatively low, if you can solve the problem of the efficiency of solar panels, solar street lamps of application to the next level. After several years of development, the common problem of solar street lamps have been improved dramatically, and can be very steady is widely used in road lighting, these improvements make the proportion of solar energy street light also continue to increase, in the near future, can completely replace the traditional street lamp solar street lamps.
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