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Why do some solar street light is a panels, have a plenty of two panels?

by:SRS     2021-04-07
Why do some solar street light is a panels, have a plenty of two panels? Many people see the solar street lamps have a plenty of a panel on the road, have a plenty of two panels, and even have a plenty of multiple solar panels, that is why some solar street light is a panels, have a plenty of two panels? Actually this is based on the system the power and beauty of the two aspects to consider, if the system power is too large, need large solar panels, solar panels can be often made into two pieces, so that we can reduce the load on the light pole, solar street lamps factory two solar panels will be evenly distributed on both sides of the light pole, reduce wind resistance and average gravity. Sometimes, the power of solar panels is not very big, such as only 60 watts, but often in order to beautiful will be divided into 2 pieces of 30 watts of solar panels, so that a more balanced. If the power of solar panel is too large, such as more than 280 watts, such a piece of solar panels, if make it, its size is close to 4 square, made a such a large area of the board is bad, increases the light pole of wind load, we can make 4 pieces, them both to increase the solar street light and beautiful, also have solved the problem of wind resistance.
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