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Why do solar garden light sometimes bright sometimes don't bright?

by:SRS     2020-08-02

When the best solar garden lightsis not on, could be that the controller quality to pass, but when the unsaturated condition of batteries, battery voltage lower voltage, step-down control power after ( Voltage) , the voltage value of load was blocked, cut open after the battery voltage with recovery process, when have not recovered to a certain point B ( Need to charge in order to achieve discharge return voltage) , because of the control of the controller without good point B value, when there is no return to this point, line and connect to the stated, starting work load, the voltage has put some light, was again blocked, and so on. This analysis is the most likely. The subject of the solution, which are mainly on the ( Similar) Produced by the other company as follow: please check whether the battery connection is accurate, reliable contact overpressure system, please check whether the battery connection is reliable, or the battery voltage is too high; Battery failure, please test the battery connection is accurate after the battery discharge, enough to restore automatically load power over rated power, reduce the electricity equipment, through a long button to restore through load short circuit, troubleshooting, the second day long button once or automatic recovery, please check whether the power equipment connect accurate, reliable test a reliable connection, automatic identification of 12 V / 24 V is accurate, With automatic identification mode) The same answer you ask debug method, title: model in all-electric mode ( 0) : where there is no sunlight, light intensity, based on the set to start the parameters of the controller delay start signal after 10 minutes of open load, load began to work; After 10 minutes, when the sun rises start controller delay light intensity blockade, blocking confirmation signal output, load the rest work. Optical fiber + control mode ( 1? 4) Work: the boot process is the same as pure electric, set a time, when the load automatically closed, 1 set time? 14 hours. Manual mode ( 5) : in this mode, the user can through the open and closed button control load, and whether or not during the day or night. This model is used in some special load case or debugging use. Debug mode ( 6) : for system debugging, checked the accuracy of the system installation, when light signal closed load, light signals open load, installation and debugging it. Normally open mode ( 7) : keep the output state of power load, the model for power load need to 24 hours.
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