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Why did you choose solar street light

by:SRS     2020-07-17

Solar technology by leaps and bounds over the past few years, the changes of solar energy utilization. in the choose and buy when, in addition to its product appearance, performance, and the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also focus on the stability and economy of products use solar street light condenser is a organic salt chip, can absorb different wavelengths invisible ultraviolet and infrared, and transform the light into another kind of invisible infrared wavelength, so as to make it the edge of the plastic film, was become elongated photovoltaic solar cells, and achieve the goal of the solar energy into electrical energy.Effect is remarkable, is a need to every customer choice for solar street lamp, today when the solar street light is gradually accepted by the mass shrinks, related businesses blowout is also increasing, accumulate over a long period of solar street light thousands of enterprises, we must pay attention to when the choose and buy solar street light products comprehensive reference, so many enterprises how to choose, need not choose directly to find us! Solar energy is definitely worth your approval! Summer solar street light maintenance  solar street light summer is how to maintain? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: 1. Because most of our country belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, the summer by the high winds such as typhoon, strong wind to the high altitude but a relatively weak foundation of street lights bring a big challenge, often fall fall in solar street light panels, lamps and lanterns, light pole tilts, and even the phenomenon of dumping, not only can not play the role of normal lighting, and give the pedestrians on the road, cars bring great safety hidden trouble. Therefore, we must in front of the strong wind coming for solar street light and LED street light make a safety check and hidden trouble. On hand to see if panels, lamps and lanterns is shaking, whether lights appear tilt, foundation bolt cage is rigid, whether there is loose phenomenon, etc. 2. With the sharp rise in temperature, battery energy storage have been affected, we should be timely detection of previous battery, the capacity can not meet the requirement of the use of solar battery to change in time, lest affect the normal work.3. Waterproof performance inspection system. Open the lamp at the bottom of the doors, which the solar controller, to check whether there is poor contact, water seepage, each joint tape fall off, and so on and so forth. If there should be timely make a rectification, eliminate safety hidden trouble. Because of the increasing number of summer rain water, although the rain does not normally enter the light pole, but to water vapor condensation will according to the situation of the short circuit, and much rain in summer, the water depth also often appear many years not in special cases, so it is necessary to nip in the bud. 
Collectively, the effect of solar light on industrial society has been to eliminate led street light manufacturers and drastically reduce the time long associated with custom made solar lights.
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