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Which of several parts, solar garden light?

by:SRS     2020-04-06

Today, solar garden light industry development is not balanced, many products quality is not up to standard, mainly through some simple small workshops. Because solar garden light market, a lot of opaque, many hidden rules, many people hesitate to buy solar garden lamp, they want to buy, become hesitate, hesitate, don't want to buy. Buy garden light, in fact, there are a lot of recognition method, can make you feel at ease and comfort. Garden light function: can significantly improve the living environment, improve the residents' quality of life. Garden light dotted with urban landscape during the day. Garden light at night can improve the necessary lighting and living convenience, increase security, and highlight the bright spot of the city and the function of lighting style. Modern garden lamp lighting not only provides good lighting, lighting also used to show the characteristics of the building itself and the unique style, and in harmony with the environment. Garden light classification: cast iron courtyard lamp, antique courtyard lights, modern garden light, european-style garden light, solar garden light, classical garden light, etc.Garden lamp parts: basic cage, light pole, lamp holder and light electronics; Based on the cage every enterprise is similar. Lamp posts, lamp and light electric determines the price of garden light. Lamp holder of the material and style as well as the material, thickness and height of the light pole. The quality of the light source determines the quality and service life of garden light.Garden light of the basic parts: the basic part of the solar garden light is usually a quadrilateral plate, side length is 22 - 25 cm. Landscape lamp based on its slightly different Settings and height. Foundation pit and embedded preparations in advance four days to 1 week, for the installation of the concrete after stable time. Should pay special attention to the connection of the pipe embedded work, so as not to affect the subsequent installation of related work. the courtyard headlamp unit cost: the anchor cage: anchor cage is usually 10 - phi 12 steel, high - 25 20-40 cm, long 25 cm square, as attachments basic value lower lamppost: iron or aluminum, highly generally is 2. 5 - 4 meters. 2 - galvanized products, thickness 3 mm, color can be produce according to customer requirements, accounting for about 30 - price of lamps and lanterns 40%; lamp holder: generally by aluminum, light emitting element of polymethyl methacrylate. Glass products are gradually being replaced. The diameter is 30 - commonly 60 centimeters, accounts for about 40% of the cost;light electrical appliances: in recent years, mainly for the led products and energy-saving lamps, the cost for 30 - commonly 10 to 60 w, light emitting diode Is about 15 to 30 w, 20%.The basic components of solar garden light: at the bottom of the light pole has a wiring door, generally 20 cm from the ground. The main purpose is to convenient wiring and circuit inspection. Wiring on the door has a lid, can be in wiring on the back cover. Mainly to facilitate maintenance terminal box. In general, the cutting technology is on the premise of the overall installation is more convenient to use. 
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