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Where is the main advantage of solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-06-08

solar street light is to use solar power, storage battery, the controller controls the storage battery charging and discharging to work. When the controller is divided into electric and control two kinds. During the day, when the sun in the solar cell surface, solar cells, the energy generated by the controller for battery charging; At night, the light is waning, solar cells and decreases the working voltage, working current, when the working voltage is less than set voltage controller, the controller starts to start the load, the solar street light; When to set the time or ambient light is too strong, the controller automatically shut down load, solar battery to start charging. From this cycle. High-efficiency monocrystalline solar street lamp, Polycrystalline) Silicon solar battery power, USES the VRLA battery store electricity, with high efficiency and energy saving lighting, and USES the advanced charge and discharge and the lighting control circuit, highly reliable performance, high luminous efficiency, light, easy installation, no need to laying cable wire, electric energy and electricity, do not need to exchange the dc power supply, light control, safe and reliable, energy saving, economy, environmental protection, practical, According to the configuration and the type, charging day available 3 ~ 7 days) , long life, Solar cells available 15 ~ 20 years, battery or 5 ~ 7 years) And other advantages, is the future development direction of outdoor solar street lamp lighting manufacturer.
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