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Where is the advantage of solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-06-08

As the earth's resources increasingly poor, basic energy investment cost rising, all kinds of safety and pollution hidden danger is everywhere. Solar energy as a & other; Unlimited, unlimited & throughout; With more attention paid to the safety, environmental protection, new energy, have extensive application in the field of lighting, has several advantages for solar street light. Under the simple introduction that the solar street light manufacturer.  1, solar street lamp lighting installation is simple: solar lamps and lanterns is installed, without laying complex lines, as long as do a cement base, and then use stainless steel screws.  2, solar street lighting lamps and lanterns without electricity, solar lighting lamps and lanterns is a one-time investment, no maintenance costs, long-term benefit. 3, solar street lighting without a safety hazard: solar lamps and lanterns is a low voltage products, safe and reliable operation.  4, solar street lighting safety without hidden trouble, energy saving and consumption, green environmental protection, easy installation, automatic control, free maintenance and so on the inherent characteristics, for the construction of municipal works directly with obviously available advantage. 5, solar street light is a automatic control system of work, just set the working mode of the system will automatically run to work. Solar street light is ideal for road lighting lamps and lanterns, with the improvement of people's life and social development, it will be widely used, makes the sun gives the earth light at night lighting for mankind. 
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