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When solar street lamps can completely solve problem?

by:SRS     2021-01-13
When solar street lamps can completely solve problem? We see on the news to install solar street lamps soon don't light the phenomenon of large area has been feeling is not very fresh, especially in the northwest region of China, this phenomenon is particularly serious. The main reasons for this phenomenon or corruption, caused by the hidden secret between cadres and the contractor, especially in rural areas, many of the project is no longer the people, but they make money and the means of case, who has the right to rich, as everyone knows the secret. With more diverse rural project funding sources, and complex, but also the lack of regulation, the public cultural level is low, so even though there may be a problem, rarely reflected upwards, this behavior more and more caused many cadres derailed, bold. Until one day things make big, make to the superior, make to the news and the newspaper, make to the Internet, to be able to investigate and resolve, and to investigate and punish officials is a portion of the iceberg, and, on the one hand, engineering contractors and go to great lengths to bribe officials to interest, at the same time in order to be able to keep profits and drastically lower costs, cut corners, eventually leading to the street lights could not reach the requirements of the most basic quality, we haven't even reached the acceptance time had already not lit up. Such circumstance is not alone, the vast land in our country, there are such things happen all the time, and the public know, some are the masses to report cases of success, only a matter of fact, there are a lot of cases, the report noted, have a plenty of simply no url,,,
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