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When installing solar street lamps will get an electric shock?

by:SRS     2021-03-07
When installing solar street lamps will get an electric shock? Industry rules, 36 v voltage under safe voltage, solar street light for 12 v and 24 v two voltage, so the solar energy street lamp voltage is safe, no danger, will not get an electric shock. Although the solar street lamp voltage is very low, very safe, but we also should pay attention to in the construction. 1, the anode protection is try not to open the solar battery is negative in the joint of the factory is to protect good, without stripping, or with a rubber stopper head protection, are of negative two wires at the time of threading, can't remove the protective layer, should be with a protective layer threading, it appears even if the poles are and metal light pole touch don't cause a short-circuit. Although colloidal battery polar touch won't appear the phenomenon of electric shock, but also can produce a great deal of electrical current, instantaneous can burn through wires, produce a lot of heat, reduce the service life of the battery, even scald hands. 2, connection, then use a strip away at the time of storage battery and controller connection, should use the crack a level 1, level 1 don't both peel away, you know, a lot of people like stripping, to strip away all of the wires, and then start wiring, such practices are most likely to cause the battery short circuit.
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