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When installing solar street lamp, should pay attention to what issues?

by:SRS     2020-04-02

As we all know, the solar street light is a kind of rely on sunlight work products. So when installing led solar street lamp, the first thing we will guarantee it to absorb light energy needs as completely as possible, and need to make sure that the wiring in the after work smooth line, so, when we install solar street lamp, specific attention to the following:  a, pay attention to the controller connection. Wiring is negative note, cannot be wrong. 2, note that the sequence of terminal load, battery and light source. 3 if there is a shelter, pay attention to the above the solar panels. If there are obstructions panels above, can affect panels on the absorption of sunlight, does not favor the light - Electrical energy conversion. Install led solar street lamp need to select an empty area, ensure the panels at the top of the empty.4, pay attention to the best Angle of the solar panels. Panels, solar street lamp, there is an optimal dip Angle, the panel is to be able to guarantee the most absorbing sunlight Angle, the Angle associated with local latitude and longitude. Install solar street lights, they need to calculate the Angle. Of course, have a professional staff to help installation will be lighting the biggest effectiveness. Suggest or according to the installation of solar street lamps, custom install solar street lamps and contact the senior installation and after-sales personnel. 
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