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What would happen if highway installed lights, change?

by:SRS     2021-01-31
What would happen if highway installed lights, change? Many people will find the highway is no street lamps, someone very curious, want to know why the don't install solar street lamp, and on the highway if installed solar street light what will happen. First of all, the highway in addition to the freeway, are generally not to install the lamp, mainly for the following reasons. 1, the safety factor for highway speed is faster, if installed solar street lamp, causes and very frequent, and street lamp can cause visual fatigue of the driver, cause fatigue driving is very dangerous. And can also cause a reaction of the lamps in the dull, personnel's sleepy, the fatigue of the eye, easy to cause traffic accidents. 2, cost factors in the national high-speed power is about 34000000 meters, two-way is 68000000 meters, 20 meters need to install a lamp, a total need 3. 4 million street lamps, each lamp installed after the average price of 4000 yuan, you need a total of 13. 400 million yuan to all the installation is complete, the average power of 200 watts, if every street lamp lighting 10 hours a day, 0 per kilowatt-hour. 7 yuan, the annual electricity needs to be 1. 7. 4 billion yuan, this is a very big spending. 3, the need for highway through the reflective tape and reflective signs and lights can be totally train operation safety, it is not necessary to use lights, so can not install street lamp. Now, for example, or do a hypothesis, is that if the highway installed solar street light, what will happen? 1, if highway installed lights, accidents will greatly improve the speed of night will surely increase, and the driver's fatigue also increases, so will cause more traffic accidents. In addition, because the lamp need frequent repairs, so also causes additional maintenance process of traffic accidents. 2, the highway cost increases the cost of street lamp belongs to the highway operation cost, these costs will be reflected in the high speed charge standard, in this case, the high speed power tolls will increase greatly. 3, power tension street lamp is a big city power overhead costs, if installed on the highway lights, the country consumes every year 2. 500 million degrees of electricity, power generating capacity of a large hydropower station, can think in, if the national highway through the street lamp, it will cause much impact to electricity!
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