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What role does the rural road lighting solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-04-17

Solar LED street lamp' rural road lighting what role does the solar street light? To develop low carbon economic progress using the share of renewable energy has become a global consensus. New rural rope solar street light, and solar energy as an 'inexhaustible, with no rest' green, safe, low carbon renewable resources, the development and utilization of more and more over, in our country, has become the primary driving force of promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction. below small make up to share for you, and see it together: Rural road lighting effect of new rural village led solar street lamp lighting engineering one must have the plan, led solar street lamp have the funds guarantee, to its list of citywide pratt &whitney type policy, respect farmers volunteer, to do preliminary understanding query operation, can be divided into 1 - Step by step as of 3 years, conditional counties can one pace reachs the designated position or shorten the life of in place, the resources of counties can point with surface, promote step by step, finally completed 'there's a light at the end of the village has a street lamp, lulu' rural CunTun all cover up the guidelines.Second, we must make full use of the center, the autonomous region of the corresponding funds, give full play to the main body role and social contributions to push of the masses. From the countryside work practice, the public for the handling of the solar street lamps by 'one project one discussion' method to actively take part in. Rule in the discussion of relevant plans, CunTun solar lamp cost within five 6 by downtown financial district, one 6. 3 it is to do well the follow-up to deal with, shall be dealt with in accordance with territorial criterion, transfer the village community. Village groups in addition to do a good job in the protection of the daily solar street lamps, also do homework and daily monitoring anti-theft device alarms away from the crowd of street lamp. 
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