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What is the standard of solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2020-12-10

about solar street light industry technical standards, speed, formulate the corresponding standards to regulate purification industry is particularly important, this is for the government decision-making departments when choosing more high-quality products to provide more reference. By a number of national standards and industry standards, respectively is: GB/T33766 - 2017 'independent photovoltaic power system technical requirements', GB/T35264 - 2017 'technical specification for solar lawn lamps system, CQC11262017' technical specification for solar street lamps use lithium ion battery, CQC11 - 464117 - 2017 the solar street lamps use lithium ion battery safety certification rules such as standard

on March 21, 2019, CSA and at the same time, classroom lighting, solar street lamps NB - oriented IoT road lighting interface standards issued three league, respectively is 039 - T/CSA 2019 'technical specification for lithium battery powered LED solar street lamps, 050 - T/CSA 2019 'the classroom requirements and test methods of using LED lighting system products and 051 - T/CSA 2019 'intelligent road lighting terminal controller interfaces'.

the lithium battery power supply of the technical specification for the LED solar street light

this standard is mainly suitable for independent source type to off-grid solar photovoltaic power generation and low voltage dc driven lithium battery LED solar street light, the lights from the technical requirements, test methods, inspection rule, marks, packaging, transport, storage, etc. For the solar energy battery components, lithium ion battery pack and the performance of the LED lamps and lanterns, appearance requirements of the specification and related testing methods are put forward.

the classroom requirements and test methods of using LED lighting system products

this standard is mainly suitable for indoor use education places LED lighting lamps and lighting system. Standard specification mainly the classroom with the basic requirements of LED lighting system, product visual health comfort ( VICO index) , light biological safety requirements, at the same time for the above three requirements put forward the corresponding test methods.

'intelligent road lighting terminal controller interfaces'

this standard is mainly suitable for based on Internet of things ( NB- 物联网) Intelligent road lighting control system and intelligent road lighting control system of dc power supply used for external type terminal controller. The standard for intelligent road lighting terminal controller, the interface of the digital LED power supply and the central management system requirements specification, including the terms and definitions, system overview, general requirements, and interfaces.

total radiation

one can measure the abilities of solar street lamp light industry noun: light radiation ( Rs) , that is, the amount of solar street lamps emit light every night, unit by LMH.

in addition, the light is another requirement standard is the quality of the light. The quality includes light type, uniformity, color temperature, refers to the elements such as.

type light irradiation to the shape of the ground

the development of patent lens, to the secondary light distribution of the light, make the light parallel to the road, improve the utilization of light.

eye feel the color of light color temperature

light source color temperature is different, color is also different. Low color temperature of light yellow, we call it a warm color is moved, are emotionally warm color attune give a person the feeling of warm, in effect, the yellow fog permeability good; High color temperature of white light, emotionally, cool color attune give a person the cold feeling on the vision. In effect, high color temperature among the white light is used for road lighting have visual effect, good visibility, brighter than the low colour temperature yellow light.

show that light degree of objects color reduction

refers to the higher, the stronger the reducing power of light, but the smaller the brightness. Refers to is not reasonable, will cause the build of light environment is poorer, the same vice versa. In wisdom, in the light of solar street lamps is recommended to take the compromise way, show & ge in order; 70.

dazzle eye feel dazzling light intensity

dazzle light will cause visual fatigue, it has certain effects on the eyes and cause discomfort, while driving or outdoor sports glare may cause certain danger. Therefore, no glare, anti glare and light a standard of quality. The pursuit of the ultimate goal of light quality - Let an eye more comfortable, in product research and development of solar street lamps, also pay attention to prevent glare, let users have a better light environment.

solar light are all following the most compatible manufacturing regulations.
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