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What is the stability of the solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-04-18
Here are popular science by small make up to you about the stability of the solar street light knowledge is introduced: the stability of the solar street light, solar street light 1 will suddenly extinguished: solar street light is to absorb the sun's energy as an energy source, out of the sun to the battery charging, dark environment to a certain degree of battery will provide street lighting work operation of electricity, so not happen suddenly lights out. use dc power supply, the probability of a tiny problems occur, and if it is solar battery problem happened, that won't happen suddenly the lights out, but will be in after a period of time gradually dim. At that time more for quality testing solar street lamp, to avoid some unnecessary loss. 2, quality of LED light source: led solar street lamp light source generally USES the LED lamp holder, because of the LED lamp holder has many advantages, lighting long life ( Can have 50000 hours) Won't send out, and in the use of high quantity of heat, this will greatly prolong the service life of the light source. 3, a number of consecutive rainy day can also be in normal use: solar street light is a use of solar energy to generate power, so in the day without sunshine can also normal lighting. And led solar street lamp manufacturer in the design of solar street light will also consider these problems, then through the communication with customers, according to the customer provide the local rainy weather conditions are configured for the street lamp accessories, in order to solve local most consecutive rainy days also can work, unapt appear without electric lights.
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