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What is the principle of the solar street light

by:SRS     2020-05-28
< p > solar street light with its energy-saving, environmental protection, installation is convenient wait for a unique advantage, quietly into the streets of the city, as new measures of energy saving, solar street light for energy-saving out more vigorously? 

1 节能经济

首先,每个太阳能路灯都是一个相对独立的系统,在安装施工时不用预埋电缆,也不用开挖路面,节省了相当一部分人力物力和安装费用; Besides, power consumption, an ordinary street lamp lighting time is about 6 hours a day, the power consumption of about 2 degrees, need a year 300 multivariate electricity, a city calculated at 300 streetlights, will cost nearly 100000 yuan a year, with the solar street light under the province. 

据报道,全国每年新增户外照明灯5000万盏,如果太阳能灯能占到千分之一,一年就能给国家节省上亿度电,等于给国家送了一个10万千瓦的发电站。 

2 JieNengYuanLi 

2. 1 how solar panels energy storage? 

太阳能电池板的主要材料是硅,也有一些其他合金。 When the solar panels by light irradiation, can convert light energy into electrical energy, make the current flow from one side to the other party. Solar panels is according to the principle of this design. 

太阳能电池板只要受到阳光或灯光的照射,一般就可发出电来。 In order to make the solar panels to minimize light reflex, improve the photoelectric conversion rate, generally on top of it is covered with a layer of prevent light reflection film, make the surface of the solar panels are purple. In addition, the inclination of the solar panels, solar street light can effectively lighting will have considerable impact. 

  2. 2 how light energy into electrical energy? 

太阳能路灯主要由四部分组成:光伏组件、发光二极管、太阳能电池和控制器。 Photovoltaic modules to absorb light during the day, convert solar energy into electrical energy storage in solar cells, to discharge lighting when it is dark at night. Sunny days commonly, under the ideal light intensity, full of electricity, as long as four hours per charge can guarantee up to five days after the completion of the above, continuous rain 3 days also can work normally. 

此外,根据不同的要求,控制器可以将太阳能路灯的开关设计为光控或时控,不仅蓄电池充电和放电的时间可以得到控制,放电的强度大小也可以控制。 

总之,在能耗越来越大的城市中,城市用电已经不堪其重:工业用电、生活用电量近年来都居高不下,逐年攀升,许多城市用电高峰的拉闸限电更是常见。 If led solar street lamp can widely spread, people don't have to worry about affected the normal production and living. < / p > < / p >
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