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What is the principle of the brightness of solar street lights at night

by:SRS     2021-06-18
The principle of solar solar street light is simply to receive energy from the sun during the day and convert it into electrical energy, and then release the electrical energy at night and when are needed. But obviously the whole process here will not be so simple. In the first step, if you want to receive energy from the sun, you need a battery panel. The requirements of this panel are different in different places. There are currently three to four types of solar panels on the market. Configure according to your actual situation. Be careful of its angle when installing, otherwise it will not be able to absorb solar energy best. The second step of the principle of solar solar street light is to collect the electricity converted from solar energy. Solar energy can only be absorbed and converted during the day, but there is no need to turn on the during the day, so a battery is needed to store the electricity at night or when needed. Reuse. This battery is also required, not too big or too small. If it is too small, the stored electricity will not be enough to support a night, or when it is temporarily needed, if it is too large, it will remain unsatisfied and it will be kept in a charged state, which is a great threat to its service life. . Therefore, it is necessary to find a suitable battery. The third step of the principle of solar solar street light is to release the electricity, which requires a controller. In fact, this controller is useful when the battery is storing electricity. It can ensure that the battery has excess or no electricity. Then there is a control for . Street lights can’t be on all the time, and they can’t just be on at night, because sometimes the sky is darker than night in rainy weather, and are needed. So at this time, the controller will control the switch of the . It is convenient for everyone to open. Moreover, the night time is different for a year, so it also needs to be adjusted based on this. Probably after these three steps, the solar street lamp can convert solar energy into electric energy and then turn on the electric lamp. In this process, it only loses the energy that is available every day. After it is set up, it is very convenient, and it will not be very big. Polluted is also the one that most people will choose to use.
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