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What is the most suitable spacing between the solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-04-15

In terms of user experience, the brighter the light source, the distance between each light at night, but from the point of view of investors, the installation of solar street lamp, of course, is less, the less they invest. We can spend money on other investments, if we can balance these two goals, as a solar street lamp manufacturers, we need reasonable monitor solar street light. Install 4 m solar street lamps spacing:  in the first place, the height of the lamp is about 4 meters, most of the street lamps installed in the road, here I would like to suggest that the layout of each solar street light distance should be at about 8 meters. Because if the led solar street lamp too far, it will be more than two lights lighting range, but those who can't accept lighting clearance can have a dark condition. In addition, if the solar street light too close to the distance, not only will increase the demand for street lamps, and the waste caused by lighting.  6 m solar street lamp installation spacing: street lamp height 6 meters, generally get the favour of rural roads, especially the road width is about 5 meters in new countryside construction. Because usually rural road traffic flow is not big, so generally mounted with unidirectional way interactive light distribution, suggest that the distance between the solar street light is about 15 meters, not less than 15 meters. In some corner, should be equipped with a street lamp, lighting to avoid the blind Angle. 8 m solar street lamp installation spacing:  according to the specification & quot; Condition of road lighting technology & quot; Request, if you want to install the light pole height of 8 meters, so in this case the distance between the lamp for 25 to 30 meters for choice, road on both sides of the staggered. Usually, solar street lamp installed on both sides of the cross light distribution pattern, most of which installed in the width of road lighting is 10 x 15 m. Install led solar street lamp from 12 m: according to the installation of solar street lamp manufacturers to provide experience, if more than 15 meters, Suggestions on both sides of the symmetrical light distribution, general advice solar street lamp of the longitudinal spacing between 12 to 30 x 50 meters. Such as divide 60 w solar street light is a good choice, 30 w integrated solar street light recommended a distance of 30 metres.For the installation of led solar street lamp, we have a density of reference, namely we can't be too close to too much, or see a two point from a distance, and there is no significance, also caused the waste of resources, too far, causing blind spot lighting. Where the light is needed, if there is no continuity, is also a failure, so the experience is very important. 
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