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What is the integration of solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-07-24
Usually on the side of the road we see at the top of the solar street lamp are long with a visible solar panels, light pole may also hung on a boxy battery box, even if you have not seen, online search images '' solar street lamps, the result is mostly this style. This common called split type solar street light, solar street lamps and the concept of integrated solar street light just in contrast. Integrated solar street light is introduced by the light pole, panels, battery, solar street lamp controller, LED lamps and lanterns of five parts, the five parts of split type solar street light is scattered, when you install a component parts assembled. And integrated solar street light will except light pole components on an organic whole, make a lamp holder, the lamp holder is an independent intelligent electricity discharge system, without complex assembly, configuration or light pole arm can be used. The integration of the advantages of solar street light? Convenient installation of integrated solar street light installation method can be summarized as 'fool' installation, as long as can screw will install, from the traditional split type solar street lamps need to install the panels stents, install the lamp holder, production steps, such as battery pit greatly save labor and construction costs. Performance upgrade integrated solar street light compact structure, small body, in order to reflect advantages, both in its design and performance upgrades, such as batteries, is the high quality lithium iron phosphate batteries are used, high conversion rate of single crystal silicon cell, both in appearance and waterproof and the connection between the parts under the foot of kung fu. Integration is novel and attractive integration with solar panels and solar street lamps light source, some even put light pole are integrated together, modelling diversity, novel and beautiful. In addition, the integrated solar street light also has the advantages of traditional split type solar street light. 1, energy saving: to provide electricity, solar energy light conversion inexhaustible, an inexhaustible; 2, environmental protection, no pollution, no noise, no radiation. 3, safety, no electric shock, fire and other accidents; 4, convenient, installation simple, does not require wiring or digging 'gut break belly' construction, there is no electricity power brownouts concerns; 5, long service life: products with high technological content and control system, intelligent design, quality and reliable; 6, high taste: science and technology products, green energy, use the unit attaches great importance to science and technology, green image, level rise; 7, less investment, one-time investment, long-term benefit; Is suitable for the place with integrated solar street lamp installation integrated solar street light depends on the specific environment and conditions of use, there are two reasons, first, the integration as the design of integrated solar street lamps, solar panels can't adjust Angle, can only adjust the whole front, in order to absorb solar energy to the greatest extent, to install a higher environmental requirements. Second, because it is the integration of design, the lamp holder size limits, the integration of large area of solar panels, solar street light is difficult to do in the lighting power can't do much. So only like park, family courtyard or some open areas such as illumination condition is superior, the requirements for lighting is not very big place can use unique integrated solar street light, in meet daily lighting decorate the environment at the same time. Integrated solar street lamp, of course, is also in constantly update products technology, constantly seeking breakthrough in the field of solar street lighting, believe the future integrated solar street lamps at the same time of strengthening the personalization and the functional, can adapt to more complex environment, meet people's growing lighting needs.
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