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What is the install solar street light?

by:SRS     2021-03-06
What is the install solar street light? Here introduce you to what is the installation order of solar street lamps, solar street light is a new product because of the many people don't know the solar street light, get later don't know how to install solar street lamps, our technical personnel as the solar street lamps factory here, for a solar street lamp installation order: 1, digging foundation to dig a pit is larger than the length width of embedded object 10 cm height more than 20 cm based in pit pit 2, pouring into 20 cm depth of concrete C20 label, embedded parts to be included in the dug pits, flat, and pour concrete evenly on both sides, until and flat on the ground, while maintaining the level of the embedded parts. At the same time hold a conduit installation drawings. 3, firm embedded parts, the installation of solar street light 3 - 1: the fixed solar panels, solar panel is fixed at the top of the street lamp of a 3 - 2: fixed lamp arm, will be fixed in the desired location 3 - lamp arm 3: fixed lamps and lanterns, will be fixed in the light of lamps and lanterns 3 - on the arm 4: tree stem, will be fixed to set up good solar street lamps, tighten bolts on the basis of 3 - at the same time 5: battery, battery will be buried in the bottom of the specified location, and is negative to the ground. 3 - 6: connect the controller, the parts will be on the wire is central to connect with the controller, connect to, according to the above the controller manual for connection order is carried out in accordance with the specifications. The installation process is roughly such solar street lamps, concrete construction experience and fumble, methodical construction process can reduce the slowdown, reduce waste, if there is a problem can be further discuss with us
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