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What is the difference between urban and rural install solar street light

by:SRS     2020-07-18

What is the difference between equipment in cities and villages solar street light? Every time, see this question, I will have a little bit hesitate. Village street lamp, street lamp to the city that there are differences, therefore, village solar street light, solar street light should also have a difference to the city. There are solar street lamp factory shows that choose solar street light, first is based on the sun. Because there are differences between the village and the city of rizhao degree, so choosing solar street lamp, equipped with different cities and villages. In addition to the sun, there are some other reasons?Solar street lamps in the villages and cities are equipped with a difference, ostensibly because the sunshine, but other factors also have restricted, for example, highly, and the size of the light source, light source, light moments, especially the wide road, city channel width narrow, village road, with significant difference between the natural, this is also why than mains street lamp is more suitable for solar street lamps town village road lighting. Street lamps according to relevant provisions, in general, national highway two head lamps of conventional requirements shall not be less than 12 meters high, cars on the side of the city street lamp shall be not less than 10 meters high, the city the end of the street lamps shall not be less than 8 m. About the solar street light on both sides of the road of national villages and towns, 6 meters is enough. Because, the higher the light pole light source that is required by the greater the power, and so on relatively narrow village road, whether it is the height of the solar street light, solar street light density, are relatively lower than urban solar street light requirements. But with low, is not the same as the quality is poor. and even some of the villages and towns and cities to choose the same specification.Of course, most of the solar street lamp manufacturer claims village choose 6 meters high solar street light, the first is the protection for lunch later. Due to the LED lamp holder to electronic components, objective say impossible as permanent, problems with the repair, with a large gym or two sets of scaffolding can easily bump, and the city big tall street lamps were not so short. Solar street lamps in the villages and cities where is different? More than talking about the height, intensity and density of the differences, the villages and towns different solar street lamps, solar street lamps and city now and in the future for a period, the city and the village's biggest difference solar street lamps, wisdom is the use of solar energy street light. 
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