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What is the difference between solar street lamps and ordinary street lamp?

by:SRS     2020-04-08

Solar street lamps and what is the difference between ordinary street lamp? Among them, it is more than ordinary street lamp solar street lamps, the safety of the installation is more convenient, the impact on the environment protection, a one-time investment, not consumption power, without the cost of late, so all over the country, whether in the cities or the countryside, led solar street lamp are the sustainable development of the project. Solar street lamps and what is the difference between ordinary street lamp? Difference in detail as follows:  a, different power costs: this is counted in the economic cost comparison, separately listed is in order to highlight the advantages of solar street light energy conservation and environmental protection. do not need to use the traditional cable transmission of electricity, there is no natural power problem, look directly is to save electricity, and because of the current electricity most from the traditional energy consumption, so also has saved the non-renewable energy resources. It is obvious that the popularity of led solar street lamp to achieve the goals of environmental protection and energy saving.  2, different security: we know that the traditional street lamp power from the electric wire electric cable transmission, and the traditional grid is high voltage alternating current (ac). Solar street light is the low voltage dc power is used. Through scientific experiments prove that the damage effect of the alternating current (ac) is bigger than dc. People contact dc, even up to 250 mah does not cause the damage of special, 50 hz alternating current while contact time for dozens of seconds, it may cause cardiac ventricle fibrous vibration. Some poles caused by electric shock accidents related to this.  three, different light source: led solar street lamp and the essential difference between ordinary street lamp is the source of the light source. We will be able to distinguish from the name of both. Solar street light from the sun's energy, ordinary street lamp light source comes from the traditional wire transfer of power. Obviously, in power failure, or wire ordinary street lamp will appear the 'blindness' of the situation. And is not influenced by the solar street lamps, solar street light through the built-in system by absorbing solar energy into eventually need to provide lighting light source.  4, different maintenance:  ordinary street lamp circuit is complex, often need maintenance lines. With fixed number of year, the line aging is inevitable, the maintenance costs are increasing. The solar street light there is no such concerns. This greatly reduces the labor costs in the late.  the main difference is that the solar street light green environmental protection, energy saving, especially in the process of the installation of solar street light saves a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as no excavation of traditional street lamp decorate line channel, save the engineering cost. 
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