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What is the cost of installing solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2021-02-17
What is the cost of installing solar street lamps? Solar street lamp installation cost is one of the important cost of solar street lamp, a lamp solar street lamp installation costs about one over ten to one 6 of the solar street lamp, if a good arrangement, construction planning, the cost will reduce a lot, it's need to pinch pennies, reasonable arrangement. There are a lot of guests to our solar street light manufacturer for construction, in fact this is not cost-effective, because manufacturers take installer need to have a trip in the past, accommodation, meals cost, journey delay time, these are all need to pay for installation work, so if the solar street lamps factory is willing to send technicians to guide installation is one of the most cost-effective, installed first save a lot of money, room and board, because can find workers in the local, the work is very simple, do not need to how much technology, as long as there is one or two electrician, several migrant workers. In addition, the installation of an experienced teacher to guide the installation can always according to the specific circumstances, a reasonable guide, overall arrangement, reduce the slowdown, reduce the waste of manpower, the lights can install twice as many a day not tired, so, choose the installation guide of the guests can ask the manufacturer sent such a teacher to guide the installation.
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