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What is the core part of the solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-05-31

Solar street light is the latest research and development of new industries, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety sunlight for energy during the day and night use, not only energy conservation and environmental protection free from contamination, but also greatly save the electricity cost, also does not need manual control and the maintenance of late. The heart of the solar street light is the battery, battery directly influences the quality of the service life of the led solar street lamp and if run smoothly, so try to choose a big manufacturer of products, also have on after-sale protection. < p > led solar street lamp in the design should pay attention to the design point of view, how can better battery fully receive sunlight, is the key to choose the best Angle. In addition to the point of problem, need to get wind resistance design of wind resistance design mainly divided into two parts, one is the framework of the battery components, the second is the wind resistant design for light pole, pay attention to whether components and light pole in the strong wind weather without damage, if the wind resistance is low, will cause potential safety hazard. Solar street lamp installation should pay attention to when the components connected to the bracket is stable and firm, the output line to avoid naked, with cable tie fasten, battery components towards to the south, to the compass points to the shall prevail. 
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