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What is a integrated solar street light?

by:SRS     2021-04-03
What is a integrated solar street light? As is known to all, solar street light is a light pole, solar panels, battery, controller, LED light source and other parts, as the name implies, integrated solar street light is to these components are highly integrated solar street light, the advantages of small volume, convenient installation, the characteristics of small volume of transportation. Integrated solar street light by using the principle of integrated design, parts of solar street light concentration combination on a smaller volume, the current common integrated solar street light is Israel box form, in an iron box, equipped with the controller, storage battery, and is at the top of the box is solar panels, the bottom of the box is light, such way of integration and its good for transportation and installation. But the integration of solar street light also has its inherent defects, such as smaller power, installation Angle is limited, but with the development of science and technology and solar street lamps manufacturer unremitting efforts, the integration of solar street light will be in the entire history of the solar street lighting have more effect. Integrated solar street lamps use scope: due to the highly integrated, small volume, less weight, integration of solar street light can be installed on various conditions and various objects, and is very flexible, such as pole, trunk, even on the walls, the facade of the rock, currently the main customers purchasing integrated solar street light on Africa and Europe, Africa, the main installation in various telephone pole near the road, the tree stem, Europe mainly integrated solar street lamps installed in the courtyard and the walls.
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