SRS 23 years Professional in PV intelligent application,solar powered street lights.

What fields is solar led street lamp applied in?

Equipped with a large-scale factory, Sky Recources Solar Technology Co.,ltd. ensures the mass production of all in one solar street light. Various in styles, SRS's semi-integrated solar street light can meet the needs of different customers. The product is highly resistant to rust. The oxide forming on this surface provides a protective layer that keeps it from rusting further. The energy conversion process of this product is noise- and pollution-free. The product is used by more and more people and has broad application prospects. The product is especially perfect for emergency use such as blackout.

We are fully aware of our responsibility to be the steward of the green environment. We are proud to be able to develop environmental awareness and sustainability programs across the company. We are always looking for ways to reduce energy, protect natural resources, recycle or eliminate waste. Check it!
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