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What are the typical features of rural use of solar energy street light

by:SRS     2021-03-31
Countryside with what are the characteristics of the solar street lamps here refers to the use of solar energy street lamp in rural areas is now more popular in our country new rural solar street lamp installation project, due to the solar street light is very economical, convenient installation, green environmental protection and other characteristics, so the solar street light exceptionally rapid development in the rural areas, but rural solar street light with urban and rural road has a very significant difference between the solar street lamps, summarized here: 1, small height, generally in 5 - 7 meters, the installation in the countryside of solar street lamps in order to avoid trees, economic reasons, the actual demand, demand for solar street lamps in 5 meters, 6 meters, 7 meters, the range of height has been meet the actual needs of most of the rural countryside lighting, so they are at the time of purchase is tailored for 2, small power, generally between 20 to 40 watts, 30 watts is one of the most common procurement scheme, and in some places less traffic, less personnel only need 20 watts of solar street light. 3, illumination time is short: - general requirements in four hours - 7 hours, 5 hours The demand of the 6 hours is normal, that is to say if it was dark, 6 PM time to go to bed at ten o 'clock to 1 o 'clock in the morning, this time the activities of the rural people demand. 4, for the price the demand is higher, usually haggle over every ounce on price, but the solar street lamps manufacturer can give full of understanding, at the time of quotation is very little profit, on the one hand is the meager profit but high turnover, on the one hand, because the country, is now a large number of elite rural origin, the fellows in gratitude mentality is very strong. Above is the summary of the countryside with some characteristics of the solar street lamps, in short, when we were doing the configuration and price take into account the actual situation of the rural local, reasonable configuration, reasonable price.
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