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What are the steps to install solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-04-01

In recent years, because the solar street light has good stability, long service life, high luminous efficiency, the advantages of easy installation and maintenance, is very popular, solar street light conversion of solar energy is considered to be the 21st century the most important new energy. Small make up today to share with you what steps in the installation of solar street light? Below one by one with you in detail: after installation of a, light pole, began to put all the parts ( Solar panels, battery, light source) Wires run from the actuators to a controller. 2, first will be directly connected to the battery of the light source wires, to see if the light source light, across the electrodes of a wire can be set for the light source ( The light source is negative after the light is not bright, won't damage the light source, can feel free to try light) , then will the positive wires run from the actuators to a controller of the light bulb icon corresponding to the red line, the source of the cathode received light bulb icon corresponding to the black line on the controller.  3, dc voltage with a multimeter, check out the battery wire is negative, the battery positive electrode wires received a controller on the battery icon corresponding to the red line, the battery cathode wires run from the actuators to a controller with the corresponding battery on the black line.4, dc voltage with a multimeter, check out across the electrodes of solar panels, will be the positive wires run from the actuators to a controller of the solar panels have solar panels on the icon corresponding to the red line, the solar panels of the cathode wires run from the actuators to a controller on the solar surface should be black.  5, the controller factory has good debugging programs and intelligent lighting time, after the connection is not need to debug the controller, the controller will enter the working state. 6, it is worth noting that the battery box installation fastening screws, waterproof and threading pipe, waterproof threading tube into the lamp-post base to 20 cm above the ground, to ensure that the tianshui soaked in the rain light pole flange will not fill the battery box. In addition, the installation place to avoid obstacles blocking to solar panels, so as not to contact solar panels can't sample cannot be recharged. Solar street lights with solar radiation energy, sunlight is abundant on the photovoltaic components directly affect the lighting effect of lamps and lanterns, so when choosing the installation position of lamps and lanterns, solar energy battery components in any period of time to be able to exposure to the sun, and no leaves and other obstructions. 
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