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What are the process steps to produce solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2020-07-03

Solar street lamp factory for you about lamp manufacturing process six steps:1. Parts inspection, all the raw material according to the size of the corresponding inspection;  2. Light pole manufacturer of lamp bead welding to the aluminum substrate, and the lamp bead board held test; 3. The constant current source ( Drive) A patch, plug-in, wave soldering and reflow soldering, and holding device, testing, aging;  4. Device: the lamp bead board, constant current source, Drive) Lamp shell device together; For guaranteeing the cooling is excellent;  5. The whole lamp inspection after the placement of lamps and lanterns, need to do a series of examine brilliant guaranteeing its good character;  6. Packaging warehousing production set equipment deployment in accordance with the workshop intrusive difference is bigger, important is: reflow soldering, wave welding machine, SMT machine, vertical or horizontal photometric diffuse yan ( Light distribution curve, flux and other parameters) , production capacity. 
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