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What are the most common fault solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2021-02-28
What are the most common fault solar street lamps? Solar street light is a modern lighting one of the most common outdoor lighting, installation is very convenient and adaptability is very wide also, fraud is lower, and the use of stable performance, low maintenance cost, converted into electricity cost of a street lamp only dozens of yuan a year, so the solar street light has become people's favorite. But as electronic products, is bound to have their inherent shortcomings, is the problem of damage rate, generally speaking, the solar street light damage rate is higher than ordinary street lamp to some, the reason is also very simple, ordinary street lamp, there is only one bulb as electrical parts, besides the light bulbs and solar street lamps, and solar panels, battery, controller, light source, etc. , as far as electrical part, will have a certain service life and the damage rate, it's virtually increase the rate of damage to the solar street light. So, solar street light which is the most common fault? We according to the failure frequency to illustrate one of 1, controller fault control of the whole system fails the most part, solar street lamps controller is solar energy street lamp control center, respectively, and the other parts of the connection, including light source, solar panels, battery, the controller is a miniature computer, control the charging and discharging process of solar street lamps, overcharge protection, discharge protection, etc. 2, battery failure battery failure in battery life soon to be prone to a period of time, generally the new battery is no problem, unless manufacturers use battery quality is too bad, our factory production of solar battery usually in 6 - 7 years of failure at this stage, which is basically get to the fixed number of year, the need to replace the battery. 3, light source are rarely a problem, we produce the light source is after aging to the factory, and solar energy systems are through strict calculation, the light source is protection, so it won't appear the phenomenon of light damage, at least, out of the solar street lamps light source in our plant, less than one over ten thousand of failure rate. 4, solar panels, solar panels are generally not to consider the factors, basically, there are few problems may be solar panels, even out of the question, also can only be careless when wiring connect backwards, or thread connection is tight, loose, we produce solar panels, at least not yet met this kind of situation, and the service life of our panels in general is 25 For 30 years, there is no possibility of damage in advance. To sum up, in general, solar street light is not bright, if you place an order from our md, the light source and solar panels can be directly without consideration of fault, if it is to use 6 - Seven years, can consider is to replace the battery, other, generally considered controller is ok.
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