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What are the key factors of solar street light brightness?

by:SRS     2020-04-13

The installation of solar street light is also a very important link, the most important thing is that the installation of led solar street lamp spacing, many factors affect the installation space, LED solar street light product parameters is one of the most important determinant. Second, it will also be affected by other factors such as road conditions. Taken together, the installation of led solar street lamp spacing mainly around the following two points: a, light pole height  light pole is 7 meters of solar street lamp installation spacing scenic area, the park generally prefer 7 meters high street lamp, especially in the new rural construction of about 7 meters width road. At night environment, rural roads of the pedestrian cross flow and traffic flow is not big, generally adopt the way of a one-way interaction with light installation, to ensure that the installation spacing about 20 x 25 meters, less than 20 meters will affect the part of the lighting. In addition, still should how to install a street lamp on the corner, to avoid blind Angle illumination phenomenon. If you want to install street lamp height of 8 meters, must ensure that the distance between the lamp is 25 m and 30 m, of the distance between the two kinds of street lamp should be installed by the distribution of light on both sides of the cross. This method is mainly for 10 x 15 meters in width of road lighting. The installation of solar street light with 12 m light pole distance 12 meters to install the lamp posts. General advice longitudinal distance to 30 m / 50 m solar street lamps, both sides should be symmetrical distribution, road lighting width should be greater than 15 m. Some as long as according to the required illuminance value, there is no rigid requirements, 60 watts divided the solar street light is a very good choice, if you need to select 30 watts integrated solar street lamps, the distance it can reach 30 meters. 2, light distribution way light distribution mode can be divided into: single light distribution, on both sides of the cross light distribution, bilateral symmetry with light, such as the crossroads, curve and so on special road, according to the actual situation, can decorate appropriately. If the installation of solar street lamps, closer is not reasonable, easy to cause the waste of resources, the investment cost is relatively large. According to the above installation requirements, can greatly ensure the road lighting requirements, also won't cause waste of resources. Of course, there are many different kinds of solar street light, there are many configuration scheme. 
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