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What are the factors affect the price of 6 m solar street light

by:SRS     2020-04-20
6 m to see very much of the led solar street lamp, such as rural road lighting, and some more electricity are not convenient place there will be 6 m solar street light, no matter what products to buy, believe that the price will be more concerned about a bit, to introduce to you today what are the factors affect the price of 6 m solar street light. Environmental protection has been a development plan, now the city is given priority to with environmental protection, and energy saving is one of them. Solar energy is the valuable wealth that nature has given us, as ever, an inexhaustible. 6 m is one such led solar street lamp using solar energy light energy into electricity facilities, can effectively utilize solar energy, achieve the goal of energy saving. 6 m solar street light price influence factor is cost problem in the first place, this also is the main reason affecting the solar street light price. Solar street light is the main part of light pole, solar panels, batteries and other widgets. Each part have small price eventually formed the whole of the price of solar street light. Although at present the price of solar panels and batteries for some higher, but believe in two years the development of the market can be a much lower price for the solar street light. Different manufacturer for solar panels, battery, and the quality of the light pole is different, so the price will have differences, but still suggest you can go to factory inspection, see several again to order products, solar street lamp, after all, is the product to use for many years.
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