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What are the differences between the solar street lights and landscape lamp?

by:SRS     2020-04-06

The street lights and landscape lamp is easy to see in the city. Although both have the same function of lighting, solar garden lights and landscape lights have many differences. What is the difference between the two? Landscape art lamp is an indispensable part of modern landscape. It is highly appreciation sex not only, and emphasizes the artistic lamp landscape and scenic spot and the surrounding environment of history and culture of harmonious and unified.landscape art lighting use different shape, different color of light and brightness to create scenarios. For example, a red light landscape lamp brought square festival atmosphere, green coconut lamp on the edge of the pool formed a set of tropical amorous feelings. Landscape lamp is suitable for the square, residential area, public green space landscape. When use, should pay attention to not too miscellaneous, so as not to let a guest seize the owner, the landscape is chaotic. Landscape lamp also has some disadvantages, such as: no refinement of outdoor lamps and lanterns, such as environmental protection classification is a very vague concept, the classification of the market popular term, it should be said in many places there is some misunderstanding, the following is according to my teaching and outdoor lamps and lanterns in the work of the understanding, to put forward the concept of the classification of the outdoor lamps and lanterns.  a, different height street lamp normal height is 6 x 12 meters, some lamps conventional 6 to 20 meters in height, but generally street lamp height is 3 * 6 m, because the landscape lamp is ornamental, don't need to do too high, the higher the materials needed, the cost is more expensive. Two, different function is the most important function of street lamp lighting, it should provide better lighting brightness for pedestrians and vehicles, but the mountain view basic lighting lamp only need you, the most important is a decorative, used to decorate the surrounding environment and build atmosphere, the shape of a street lamp, less diversity, generally only a few, but the shape of the street lights very much, very casual, not restricted, can be customized according to the surrounding environment and the special reasons. 3, the application of different places street lamp is commonly used in urban or rural road, main road, city square, housing and other places, lighting requirements, generally larger, park, garden, high-grade residential, commercial pedestrian street, leisure square and other independent regional landscape lamp may arise. 4, different lighting power solar street lamp lighting power is compared commonly big, within the scope of the 250 x 400 W, should according to the width of the street lamp, the surrounding trees, the height of the light pole, and the impact on the surrounding residents to consider. Landscape lamp lighting power is relatively small, is in commonly 80 x 150 W, may also be smaller, because the landscape lighting lamps and lanterns has basic function, its biggest feature is strong appreciation, its light source power can trigger a lamp overall shape, do not need too bright. 
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