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What are the considerations for solar street lamps to replace battery?

by:SRS     2020-03-24

Led solar street lamp after-sales problem is the most concern of the consumers. When we use quality problems instead of them, we should pay attention to? Small make up will now explain to you the battery led solar street lamp. Now divided into two kinds of commonly used batteries, colloid and lithium, which is determined according to use environment and customer requirements. What are the precautions to replace batteries? A type of battery, solar street lamp from colloidal instead of hydrochloric acid to the lithium battery, energy storage technology is more and more developed, the depth of discharge more and more is also high. In theory, the lithium battery can achieve 100% depth of discharge, which means that we will reduce the capacity of battery relative to the colloid. However, lithium battery is higher than the cost of colloid at present. But advances in technology will solve these problems. People also gradually accept lithium solar street lamp, because they are easier to install, but colloidal solar street light, because of its stability and dominated the whole solar energy market and cost.. 2, avoid lithium and colloid mixed if the lithium battery and colloid mixed together, we need to pay attention to use the different of the controller. Lithium battery can reach 100% of its depth of discharge. If use normal controller, when the light, it can't start the controller. Lithium battery voltage controller can make use of solar panels, enter the system, make its controller.3, solar street light battery voltage is divided into several the battery voltage is divided into 12 v / 24 v. Voltage change need to pay attention to its configuration. Will lead to incorrect matching controller or light damage, seriously damage the battery will lead to unnecessary economic losses. With the development of science and technology, the development of solar street light is more and more advanced. People put the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into the solar system. Solar street light is equipped with sensors, for example, people will increase brightness under them in order to achieve energy saving effect. 
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