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What are the consequences of choose low-cost solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-11-15

don't believe purchasing to solar street light has a very low price products can bring you a high quality experience, since you want to choose low price product so will accept the service life of it can only reach a few months or half a year's time. Though the solar street light price will not fully reflects the quality of its use, but it is more cheap goods is not good.

outdoor lighting solar street light

assume that solar street lamps in the market price is in 1000 yuan of products, including solar street lamps manufacturer profits accounted for 10%, or 100 yuan, so manufacturers to discounts is from the inside out, the 100 RMB manufacturer again how discount will not reduce the discount rate to more than 100 yuan, costs are 900 yuan, solar street light price is below 900 yuan, manufacturers how to survive? If the manufacturer is to maintain the profit of 100 yuan, and to control the solar street light price is lower than the market cost of 900 yuan, that there is only one possibility, which is the cost is less than 900 yuan. This also means that such products are mostly to cut corners and inferior quality. Below the market generally cost of sales prices are attractive of the inferior products! Please stay at a respectful distance from sb.

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