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What are the characteristics of the light emitted by LED solar street lights?

by:SRS     2021-07-25
In real life, we may all be inseparable from electric energy, and naturally we cannot do without electric lights. In the use of electric lights, we have all noticed that products will be updated and good things will replace things with more shortcomings. Then The same is true for our lights. LEDs are now widely used, replacing traditional bulbs to a large extent. So what are the characteristics of LED solar street light in terms of the light source, and what are the advantages that make it so used? widely. First, the voltage and efficiency of LED solar street lights. The voltage of LED solar solar street light bulbs is basically between 6 to 25 volts. They are low-voltage bulbs, so they are relatively safer than those with higher voltage. It is also more energy-efficient in terms of power consumption, so it is widely used. In terms of efficiency, LED solar road bulbs can save about 80% of energy compared to incandescent lamps with the same brightness when used, which is one of the reasons why they are widely used.  Second, the applicability, stability and other properties of LED solar street lights.   LED solar street light are not only very convenient to use, but also have great advantages in other aspects, such as applicability. Because the LED solar street light segment is very small, it can be made into various shapes to adapt to various packaging, etc., which is its applicability. After experimental investigation, after using the LED solar solar street lamp for about 100,000 hours, the brightness of the light source is about half of the initial brightness, so this brightness is actually very good, and the stability of the light source particles is very high, which also determines the LED The life span of solar street lights is very long and very useful. LED solar road bulbs have many advantages when used, and the light source is also very powerful and stable. It is precisely because of these advantages that LED solar road bulbs can develop for a long time, occupy a market position, and be widely used. Application is completely inseparable from its advantages. Only by developing itself better can it be widely used. I hope that the above mentioned by the editor can be helpful to everyone.
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