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What are the benefits of using solar street lamps LED

by:SRS     2020-07-08

LED can quick response: LED a short response time, or between multiple light sources in a light source to switch between different areas. If using a dedicated power supply to power a LED light source, can achieve maximum intensity of illumination of the response time is less than 10 ms. At present LED solar street lamp using LED lighting lamps and lanterns can very good reflect pavement almost timely lights up at the same time.  Operation cost is low. Other light sources ( Such as incandescent lamp, tungsten, etc. ) Power consumption is LED light source, 2 ~ 10 times, and often have damaged lamps need to be replaced, increases the maintenance costs. A lot of light source and is now put into use, in the light change and human aspects of the higher costs, although the initial investment seems very save, but will soon be daily maintenance, maintenance costs the sprint off. Therefore solar street lamp use long life LED light source in the long run is very economic, so each solar street light price will reduce a lot.  LED adopted high and new technology. LED light source compared with the traditional glow of light, LED light source is low pressure microelectronics products, successfully combines computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, etc. In the traditional solar led street light used in the chip is 0. 25 mm, and the lighting of the LED chip size is typically in 1. Omm above. LED bare chip forming work table structure, the inverted pyramid structure and flip chip design is good to improve the LED luminous efficiency, so that more light chip. LED packaging design innovation including the high conductivity of metal used as basal, flip chip design and bare plate casting type lead frame and so on, these methods can design a high power, low thermal resistance of the device, and the device is greater than the traditional LED illumination products. The place on put together is narrated, the LED is a kind of to meet the requirements of green lighting light source, the so-called & other; Green lighting & throughout; Is refers to through the scientific lighting design, the use of high efficiency, long life, safety and stable performance lighting products, Electric light source, lamp use appliances, solar street lamp and lanterns, wiring accessories, as well as dimming control device and control device) , improve people's work, study and life condition and quality, to create an efficient, comfortable, safe, economic, and beneficial environment and fully reflects the light of modern civilization. My company production of solar street light price is reasonable, it can customize according to customer demand design samples.
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