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What are the basic requirements for solar street lamps light pole design

by:SRS     2020-06-20

Solar energy generally refers to the sun radiation energy, commonly used for power generation in modern times. Solar power is a new kind of renewable energy. And broadly speaking, solar energy or the earth a lot of energy sources, such as wind energy, chemical energy, potential energy of water, and so on. Solar energy is now gradually been applied, such as we see in daily life of the road in the middle of the solar street light, solar water heater, etc. , the new sun people also gradually used cars. In the more developed city we can see all kinds of lamps, useful wind power street lamps, also have solar street light, in the case of a shortage of global resources, solar energy is endless resources of human dreams, and now the solar age has in fact just around the corner, including into space to collect solar energy, transport it to the earth, make it into electricity, in order to solve the energy crisis facing humanity. Mainly to see the below of the commonly used light pole used to support the solar street light is introduced: solar street light is commonly used steel conical light pole, its characteristic is beautiful, durable, strong, and easy to make it all sorts of modelling, simple process, high mechanical strength. Commonly used taper cross section shape of the light pole with circular and hexagonal, and some also would use the octagon, taper 1:9 for 0, 1, 100, wall thickness according to the force of the light pole generally selected in the 3 - 5mm.Work environment is outdoor solar street lamp, so better to support the requirements of the light pole, to prevent rust corrosion and to reduce the structural strength and so on light pole for corrosion resistance. Corrosion protection method is mainly to take some preventive measures against corrosion reasons. Corrosion protection to avoid or slow moisture, oxidation, high temperature, chloride and other factors. The commonly used method is as follows:1. pensu processing: hot dip galvanized coating of the reentry after processing, plastic spraying powder should be chosen for outdoor powder, the coating shall not be peeling and cracking phenomenon. Pensu processing can better improve the anti-corrosion performance of steel bar, and greatly improve the beautiful decorative light pole, color also can have a variety of choices. 2, hot dip galvanized, after pretreatment of parts in molten zinc liquid, formed on the surface of zinc and zinc alloy plating process and methods, in the 65 - zinc layer thickness 90um. Of galvanized zinc layer should be even and smooth, no burr, drops of tumor and agglomerate, excess zinc layer should be combined with steel bar and firm, zinc layer stripping, not bump.In addition, solar street lamp factory is introduced due to the solar street light controller and other electrical parts are installed in the lamp pole ( Some battery is installed inside a light pole) Waterproof, so you also must pay attention to light pole and anti-theft performance, prevent the rain into the lamp post cause electrical failure; Maintenance door to avoid the use of conventional tools can open ( Such as hex bolts, pliers, etc. ) To prevent human for theft or damage. 
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