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What are the applicable site solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-06-12
The development trend of solar street lamps, let us the daily life of the night had great sense of belonging, but to make the solar power generation way give full play to the effect of itself, be sure to choose the best type, on modelling design, general with single arm arms street lamp, street lamp, solar street lamps, pseudo-classic style lamp lights are also there are several types of landscape lighting, they are the right field is not the same. The application of the solar street light field 1, single arm solar street lamp, to provide for this kind of lamp in people, new Chinese style is the most common to only one arm, a lamp mouth, generally used in the road on both sides, or next to the river, let old non-motor vehicles and drivers can be more clear live traffic, has induced the effect of security analysis. 2 arms, solar street lamp to put it bluntly, that is to say there are two arms, two solar street lamp, lamp at the mouth of this kind of street lighting is two ways, one is the lamp arm symmetry, an asymmetric encryption, general symmetry arms lamps used several doers of the word in the middle of road greening, both sides live traffic, to the old car has the effect of illumination, induce safety driving. And asymmetric encryption arms street lighting will be installed in the middle of the lane and pedestrian crossing, lane side lamp arm installation are higher, larger output power, while the pedestrian crossing even shorter, a little more small output power. Arms solar power street lamps in the modelling design should be more colorful than single arm street lamps, also can build indoor space more artistic beauty, but in mind, the single live traffic or some narrow ground and should not be this kind of street lamp, or according to the natural environment. 3, in the bright lights lighting effects of this kind of modelling design source is relatively more commonly, streamlined lamp arm, holds the lamp mouth, up to ponder together, has the artistic beauty, simple structure, light color, have very good adornment design effect, generally used in municipal road engineering, landscape designs city-lighting and power authority, economic development zone, such as city square, villa building lighting field. 4, pseudo-classic style lamp pseudo-classic style lamp with Chinese style element, all lighting lamps and lanterns can give a person feel more authentic, rich and colorful stereo feeling, big but not empty, thick and not swollen have emotional appeal, but it is not easy to give a person a kind of depressive feeling, more the embodiment of the interior space, and the new Chinese style often make a symmetric, as a result, many pseudo-classic style design lamp is arms, or four arm, six arm, etc. , have very good adornment sex. 5, landscape lighting than other forms of street lamp, landscape lighting will pay more attention to the expressive force of its own, lighting design and product modeling design, cause apparent effect. Lighting effect also is not necessarily a single color, but also will be colorful, shiny, colorful space, light source in a tricolor energy-saving lamps, solar led street light, etc, generally used in a big city bustling street community, entertainment and leisure city square, and took the road, the gate of the hotel restaurant. To sum up, arms single-arm lamps and street lamps of its actual effect, the road lighting decorative level, of course, is not equal to other color, if have to be very good lighting effect, is simple and easy these two lamp is relatively good. Lights and pseudo-classic style lamp in the lighting effect will be almost, but the ornamental, able to install, on the basis of actual natural environment and landscape lighting attach more importance to make its adornment sex, if must be very good lighting effects, or don't have to choose this kind of solar street light.
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