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What are the advantages of solar street lamps lithium-ion batteries

by:SRS     2020-11-13

solar street lamp r&d technology rising in recent years, various technologies also had obvious promotion, now a new type of solar street light lithium electricity solar street light also took to the market, and through the use of the customer widespread high praise.

for lithium electricity solar street light, the crowd is approved.

it to more than any other street lamp lighting effect, to realize the lithium battery solar street lamps and now.

what are the advantages of lithium-ion batteries, why it can replace the other battery?

a, high energy storage, because of using the lithium ion, than the solution stability, so more energy, is seven times bigger than the other battery.

2, long using time, use more energy, natural life span is longer.

3, small volume, light weight, change the image of the past heavy, palm-sized, more convenient.

4, the use of needless to water consumption, compared with lead-acid, colloid battery, there is no solution, do not waste resources.

to know at present the country severe water shortages.

5, environmental adaptability is stronger.

up to 50 degrees high temperatures, down to minus 20 degrees, can be normal use.

6, ensure all night lighting.

the above is for lithium batteries was introduced in detail, the advantages of solar street lamps intelligent human body induction system, after the people left, to adjust power, energy conservation and environmental protection is the best choose

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