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What are the advantages of solar mosquito lamp?

by:SRS     2020-12-25
Solar mosquito lamp with solar panel battery is a battery radiation uv mosquito drive devices, consumers to purchase the use of this high quality solar insecticidal lamp can environment fast dispel mosquitoes at night, in the farm and outdoor environment solar insecticidal lamp is an important role. As solar insecticidal lamp used more widely, consumers have gradually realized the benefits of the device and used to analyze the below small make up to you what are the benefits of solar insecticidal lamp? 1. Solar mosquito lamp phototaxis for pests and trap the organic combination of the traditional light during the day to receive the sun's light energy storage electric automatically shut down lights, night, intelligent electronic control automatic start a black light, open the solar lamp, produce photovoltaic effect, pest traps in the female body, to eliminate pests. Has the advantage of can significantly reduce pesticide use, and can replace the conventional electricity, has the advantage of saving energy, is now the most ideal means of physical extermination. 2. The traps in large range, long service life. 5 - a solar mosquito lamp radiation 7 acres of land, can use 5 - 7 years. Extermination effect is good, exterminating high efficiency. Use range, variety. Can apply various kinds of crops, grain, cotton, vegetable field, trees, flowers and fruit orchards, all can use. Harmless. 3. Reducing burden to save energy, the use of safe reliable quality, convenient installation, economical and practical, cheap and fine. 4. Solar mosquito lamp also has electric, automatic control, automatic GuanQi, high-voltage electric shock, protection ( In case of rain, high pressure environment short circuit, automatic stop short circuit ruled out automatically boot) Function, innovative, advanced, mechanical and electrical integration, automation degree high new technology products. Solar mosquito lamp, stable performance, reliable quality, reasonable structure, was strong, Can resist 8 level 9 typhoon) , high and low Angle can be adjusted at any time, easy to use. With it, no amount of mosquito will not be afraid.

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