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What are the advantages of scenery complementary street lamp

by:SRS     2021-04-23
Compared with the traditional street lamp, scenery complementary solar street light, make full use of wind and light energy, and it also USES the high performance battery systems, and led etc. Used in combination, even rainy weather, you can normal use. Here scenery complementary street lamp advantage more, and see it together. Scenery complementary street lamp advantage - Scenery complementary solar street light as a new energy system, quantifiable city in cost savings and improve the stability of the system at the same time played a role surroundings, in the traditional energy occupy most of the market today, new energy has become a highlight of city and community. Scenery complementary street lamp advantage - High degree of scenery complementary street lamp control intelligent scenery complementary street lamp intelligent control system, from manual operation, simple construction, convenient maintenance; Scenery complementary street lamp is controlled by intelligent controller, can be divided into two kinds of automatic control, time control, electric, both sexual and economy; Its own independent power supply system, from the large interference circuit construction, simple process, short time limit, it is more convenient to maintain. Scenery complementary street lamp advantage - Scenery complementary street lamp power due to small effects of conventional street lamp is a cable connection, is likely to be because of the individual, and affects the whole power supply system; Wind-light complementary street light will not appear this kind of circumstance. Distributed independent power generation system, individual damage will not affect the normal operation of the other street light, even in large area blackout, also won't affect illume, not the loss of control so greatly reduced. In addition to the above several aspects advantage, scenery complementary street lamp system is very save environmental protection system, not any non renewable energy consumption, and in the process of using, also won't release polluting substances into the atmosphere, is a good choice to protect the environment. Throughout the advantage of the many ways we can find that scenery complementary street light system, is a kind of fairly good current system, can consider to choose application in terms of street lights.
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