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What are the advantages of large-scale promotion of installing solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-04-15

Rural solar street light' large-scale promotion of what are the advantages of installing solar street light? Although rural solar street light price is a little taller than traditional street lamp, but rural solar street light is a very energy saving lamp. But rural solar street lamps use cost is far lower than the ordinary street lamp. In rural areas as a new type of energy street lamp, solar street lamps compared with the traditional street lamp solar street lamps, also has a lot of environmental protection function. So, popularize the use of rural mass what are the advantages of solar street light? We are divided into two points below: a, rural than ordinary solar power street lamp solar street lamps, mainly from solar power. The emergence of rural solar street lamp, street lamp market a new choice. Different from other types of ordinary street lamp, power is required. Solar street light is the main energy of solar energy. In fact, each lamp that rural led solar street lamp installed solar panels, it absorbs the shining every day in all the solar street lamps, and convert it into electricity and stored. Day after day, in the evening, you can use solar energy for street lamp power supply. ” Energy saving & quot; Is one of the main characteristics of the solar street light, this is also one of the reasons why the solar street light is so popular. 2 late, rural solar street lamps to maintain their cost is low.Rural solar street light is, in fact, the price of moderate, because compared with ordinary solar street lamp, its maintenance costs actually are much lower. Although rural is a kind of high-tech street lamp, solar street lamps but its maintenance cost is not so high as we thought. As long as rural solar street lamps to regular maintenance, it will reduce maintenance costs.  And rural solar street light prices look high, but its loss rate is low, the rural problems are also small solar street lamps. In fact, rural solar street lamp's service life is longer than ordinary street lamp. Such comparison, it can be said that rural solar street light price is higher, its comprehensive strength is in front of the street lamp. 
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