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What are the advantages and disadvantages. Solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-06-26

Benefits: solar street lamp solar street light main benefits include:  1.  Energy saving, solar street light is to use the natural light of nature, reducing the power consumption;  (2) security, mains lighting lamps may exist due to the construction quality, material aging, power disturbance caused by various reasons such as safety hidden trouble. Don't use alternating current and solar street lamps, USES is accumulator absorb solar energy, the low voltage dc into light energy, there is no safe hidden trouble;  3.  Environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation, solar street lamps in line with the modern concept of green environmental protection;  (4) high-tech content, using intelligent controller to control the solar street lamp, can according to the 1 d natural sky brightness and the brightness of the people under various environment need to automatically adjust the brightness of the light;  5.  Durable, at present, most of the solar energy battery components production technology, are not enough to ensure that more than 10 years performance decline, solar energy battery components can power generation 25 years or longer; 6.  Maintenance cost is low, in remote areas, far from the town in order to maintain or repair the conventional power generation, transmission, street lamps and other equipment of the cost is very high. only need periodic inspection and maintenance workload rarely, its maintenance cost is less than conventional power generation systems;  7 components modular installation, convenient installation, making it easy for users to choose according to their needs and adjust the size of solar street lamps; Was the independent power supply, run off-grid solar street light has the power of autonomy and flexibility.The lack of solar street light ; high cost, initial investment of solar street lamp, a lamp solar street light the total cost is the same power of conventional street 3. Four times; Energy conversion efficiency is low, solar photovoltaic battery conversion efficiency is about 15% ~ 19%, the theory of silicon solar cell conversion efficiency can reach 25%, but after the actual installation, probably due to the surrounding buildings block which reduces the efficiency. At present, the area of the solar cell is 110 w/m2, 1 kw solar cell area of about 9 m2, such a large area of it is almost impossible to fixed on the light pole, so for the expressway, the main still not apply; Influenced by geographical climate conditions, due to rely on the sun to provide energy, the local climate weather conditions directly affect the use of street lamp. Rainy day is too long can affect lights, which leads to the illumination brightness or could not reach the requirements of national standards, appear even not bright lights, gives the chengdu area of solar street light is lack of light during the day, lead to light at night time is too short; The service life of the components and low price. The price of battery and the controller is higher, and the battery is not durable, must be replaced periodically, the service life of the controller are also typically only 3 years; The reliability is low. Due to too much affected by the outside factors such as climate, results in the decrease of reliability. Shenzhen binhai avenue on the solar street light 80% cannot rely on the sun alone, same as the dazu county of chongqing yingbin avenue, adopts the double power supply mains way; Management maintenance difficulties.Solar street lights maintenance difficulties, panels panels of heat island effect quality control testing, life cycle is not guaranteed, and can't be unified control management. May not appear lighting conditions at the same time; Light narrow range, the current application of solar energy street lamp inspection of China municipal engineering association and the field measurement, the scope of general illumination is 6 ~ 7 m, more than 7 m will dim is not clear, unable to meet the needs of the expressway, the main road; Solar street lighting has yet to establish industry standards; The environmental security problem, battery improper handling may cause environmental problems. In addition, security is also a big problem.
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