SRS 23 years Professional in PV intelligent application,solar powered street lights.

What are SMEs for solar led street light manufacturers ?

Sky Recources Solar Technology Co.,ltd. successfully grasps the trends to utilize advanced technology to produce the most popular semi-integrated solar street light. Various in styles, SRS's solar light can meet the needs of different customers. SRS best outdoor motion sensor flood lights is exquisitely designed with a perfect match of Lumen and color temperature to emit adequate illumination and yet without over brightness which causes dazzling. Featuring zero electricity use, it is kind of environmental-friendly. This product is free of any objectionable odor or any pungent smell which may do harm to the human body. The energy conversion process of this product is noise- and pollution-free.

Under the principle of win-win cooperation, we always working hard to seek for long term partnership with all our customers. We will allow our customers to engage with the business and strengthen interaction with them about the product and services. Through this way, we can incentivize them to keep coming back.
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